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So you want to enroll your child, right? But where do you begin?! There are so many options, different classes, etc.

We totally get it.

We believe that behind every studio there is talent because let’s be honest, if there wasn’t talent then they wouldn’t be in business. The difference lies though, in our opinion, is in the HEART and passion that goes into it. With that in mind, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you find with us but we’ll provide the details and then let you decide the rest for yourself. 

As far as classes go, we start with pre-school aged students (age 2 and up, as long as there are no diapers in the picture anymore… i.e. all students, young and old, must be potty trained). We start with the basics, make it fun and then we grow on that foundation. For beginner students of all ages, we start out mostly with intro classes but then as they progress we keep the fun and extend class times to be able to work on proper technique and the details.

For our most recent class schedule, please visit our Facebook page here. If you aren’t sure which class your child would fall into or it just doesn’t look like we’re currently offering a class for your child, then call us! We do have wait lists for some of our classes that we are happy to add new students to. 

As far as attire goes, our students can wear any athletic wear and bare feet to their first class until we figure out that she/he is happy in the genres that they signed up for. Once we get through the first week, ladies will need a plain black leotard, pale pink footed tights and the appropriate shoes for the class. If you need attire or shoes,  we offer it at the studio or you can pick it up elsewhere. All that we ask, is that you ask us about shoes if you are purchasing them elsewhere so that we can make sure that you get the correct style so that they all match the rest of their class when recital rolls around (if they choose to participate in recital). Even if you don’t want to buy it from us, ask us about the places that you can buy it locally! After all, we love supporting local small businesses. 

Speaking of recital, our session will begin September 10th and will conclude at an optional recital that typically takes place in mid to late May. Our recital takes place at Centerville HS and is typically the highlight of most student’s dance experiences. 🙂 Things will vary slightly because this is last year’s information, but here is an idea of the costs associated with participating in our show:

Recital Costume Deposits (typically due in December):

XS Child through Medium Child: $60.00

Large Child through Medium Adult: $65.00

Large Adult through XL Adult: $70.00

**If you are in more than one act on stage, please include a $20 deposit for each additional act. This includes 15/20 min intro tap and jazz classes but does not include 15/20 minute tumbling classes.

Aside from your costume deposit, there are minimal additional costs associated with recital. We want to make sure that you know up front what to expect so additional information is listed below.

Recital Costume Balance: We make every attempt possible to keep costume costs at a minimum; with that being said, at times there are props and accessories necessary that may have an additional cost. We estimate that your deposit usually pays around 90% of your total due; however, if we end up spending less than your deposit, we will issue a credit that can be used on recital tickets, paint or tights.

Recital Paint & Tights: One or two pairs of recital tights will be necessary to purchase depending upon the number of acts that your child performs on stage. Ballet classes typically wear pink tights while tap, jazz, acro and cheer classes most often wear tan, white or black. These tights are different than your regular class tights and must be purchased from the studio to ensure that each class matches exactly. Children’s tights are $8.56 each (including tax) and adult sized tights are $10.70 each (including tax). Shoe paint may also be necessary to purchase to ensure that each student matches the rest of their class exactly. In January, we will send additional information on all tights and paint to ensure that you have the exact information needed for your child’s specific class(es).

Recital Fee: $35.00 due in April. With this fee, two parent passes and a student pass to recital are included as well as one parent pass and one student pass to dress rehearsal. If you have more than one child enrolled in classes, you will receive a $10 discount off of your second child’s recital fee.

Competition Team: We have questions about competition and traveling teams all the time so we’ll try to give you some details on that now. We have a travelling competitive acro/dance team that is by invitation only. We currently do not travel and compete in cheerleading because our acro/dance team keeps us pretty busy. Some day, if the demand seems sufficient we may add a competitive cheer squad but we can promise you that it won’t be happening for this year (2015-2016) and we apologize for any inconvience that may cause. As far as our competitive acro/dance team goes, we take into consideration lots of things (including skills, attitude, attendance, etc.) and take what we feel are the best candidates. We only consider current students so if you are hoping to some day participate on this team, you’ll want to sign up for regular classes now rather than waiting! Don’t worry… if you don’t want your child to compete, then don’t even let it cross your mind! We know it’s not for everyone and we understand that. At the same time, please understand that we are very selective on which students make team so if your child is not asked, please know that they are getting the same attention in their regular classes as those that are and there is always the possibility for next year!

With all of that in mind, please contact us if you have any additional questions and regardless of where you choose to enroll, thank you for considering dance/cheer for your child. It is truly a wonderful pastime  that often becomes a passion and almost always increases confidence, strength, coordination, and creates lifelong friendships, among many other things!